InkoPinko [Kevin Ward Illustration]



I’m Kevin, a Canadian artist & educator based in the UK.

These days I mainly illustrate non-fiction, often for young people. I illustrated the award-winning Great Adventurers (Big Picture Press) and collaborate with magazines such as Aquila and Honest History. I also write my own stories, with picture book work selected for exhibition at the Bologna Children's Book Fair. Over the years I’ve created editorial illustrations, fiction, music, animation, comics, printmaking, analogue games and interactive narratives.

As an educator I’m interested in communication, collaboration and storytelling strategies that explore our experience of perception, memory and shared spaces. I have a PGCHE and 17+ years experience working in higher education in the UK. I’m currently a tutor on Falmouth University's online MA in Illustration. I’ve also worked as a graphics tutor at Goldsmiths College and have designed resources and workshops for the Architecture Foundation, Science Museum, De La Warr Pavilion, the YMCA, ELCAF and others.

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