InkoPinko [Kevin Ward Illustration]

Wake Ups. Zine. (free download here)

Wake Ups is a zine to encourage daily writing.

Possible side effects: a heightened awareness of your everyday life and mind; a re-enchantment of the world; spontaneous poetics.

Download it, print it on a double-side A4, fold it into a pocketsize zine, carry it with you. Instructions included.

Start your 5-a-day wake-ups now!

The Fur Trap. Illustrated book and 7inch record. (Buy it here)

Cozy Readers. Giclée prints. (scroll down︎︎︎to buy a print)

A series of prints for lovers of cozy mysteries, adventure, gothic horror, fantasy and science-fiction. 

I started drawing readers during the covid lockdown. I was thinking of those who don’t have a place to curl up with a book, to learn or escape their troubles.

50% of profits from this series are donated to UNHCR, helping refugees and their children access safe education.

All orders are available framed or unframed, handled by MakeRoom artist printers. They use a global network of printers in the EU, UK, USA and Australia, avoiding customs fees for orders placed in those areas, plus lowering carbon emissions and shipping costs. They also use eco-friendly, FSC-approved papers and water-based inks.

If you have questions or issues with your order, you can message me, or contact them directly through the Customer Support Page or email at

How beautiful it is to enter other minds and imagine other worlds through a book! Thanks for reading, cozy reader. Stay warm.

~ Kevin
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